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Have you ever wanted to display a carved pumpkin on Halloween that was not only unique, but also captivating?

Now is your chance! Redefine the "spirit" of Halloween. Carve what you feel, display what you believe.

Halloween time for me when I was young was never a popular holiday in our house. Halloween's history, its origin, the act of "tricking or treating", dressing up in all kinds of devilish costumes, bad pranks and distasteful jokes, all represented the opposite of what my parents stood for and tried to encourage in our home. We called it "the devil's holiday", and we never saw any reason to celebrate that. However, we were always encouraged to be creative and explore our talents. During the Halloween season at school activities and church events I had opportunity to draw, decorate, and of course, carve pumpkins. I remember these activities were some of the highlights of the season for me.

Today in our household, Halloween is a time to let our creative juices flow. We design our own pumpkin carving patterns and have fun carving pumpkins and displaying our work to friends, neighbors, and other passers by.

I originally started creating and posting inspirational pumpkin carving patterns online for those who want to use Halloween for an opportunity (or excuse?) to carve something different on Halloween: something uplifting, something fun, something inspiring.

I've since discovered that Halloween isn't the only time to enjoy these patterns. By using watermelons I've discovered this can be a hobby that can be enjoyed all year round.

On this site you will find many pumpkin carving patterns that can be used to dazzle and amaze without promoting the darker side of Halloween. Use these at family parties, church events, or any other get together or activity where you want to show your creativity in an uplifting way.

How To Create Your Own Pumpkin Carving Pattern
If you can't find the pattern you want, then create it.

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