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American Icons

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American Icons Pumpkin Carvings

As we brainstormed this year's Pumpkin Walk theme of "American Icons", we tried to come up with ideas that were true Icons for America, but not too cliché and not ones that we have done before. Superheroes were first to come to mind. After all, what can be more American than Captain America or Superman? Then we started branching out from there. Of course we had to include the noble occupations of police and firefighters. And what is America without the old western cowboy. As always, we had a delightful time creating this year's pumpkin carving display.

Rosie the Riveter carved pumpkin
Rosie the Riveter

Barbie carved pumpkin John Wayne carved pumpkin American Cowboy carved pumpkin Bull Rider carved pumpkin Clint Eastwood carved pumpkin
John Wayne
American Cowboy
Bull Rider
Clint Eastwood
FireFighter carved pumpkin Arches National Park carved pumpkin Uncle Sam carved pumpkin Captain America carved pumpkin Batman carved pumpkin
Arches National Park
Uncle Sam
Captain America

Wonder Woman carved pumpkin Superman carved pumpkin
Wonder Woman

Pumpkin display carved pumpkins
2016 Carved Pumpkins Display