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Christian Reformation

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The 500th Anniversary of Christian Reformation

To go with the Pumpkin Walk theme "It's About Time", I couldn't resist choosing the Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Christian Reformation for this year's Pumpkin Carving display. 500 years ago on Oct 31st 1517, Martin Luther published his famous 95 theses, setting in motion a chain of events that even Luther himself never imagined possible. This year the Christian world celebrates this 500 year commemoration of the reformation.

Portrait of Christ carved pumpkin
Portrait of Christ

Martin Luther carved pumpkin Martin Luther and 95 Theses carved pumpkin Martin Luther burns papal bull carved pumpkin Martin Luther at Diet of Worms carved pumpkin Jesus with sheep carved pumpkin
Martin Luther Portrait
Luther and 95 Theses
Luther burns papal bull
Luther at Diet of Worms
Jesus with sheep
Christ with cross carved pumpkin Last Supper carved pumpkin Gethsemane carved pumpkin Holy Bible carved pumpkin John Wesley carved pumpkin
Christ with Cross
Last Supper
Holy Bible
John Wesley

Christian Fish carved pumpkin Christian Dove carved pumpkin Christian Cross carved pumpkin Christian Display carved pumpkins
Christian Fish
Christian Dove
Christian Cross
Christian Display

Christian Pumpkin display carved pumpkins Christian Reformation Poster
2017 Carved Pumpkins Display
Reformation Poster (Full PDF)