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Custom Pumpkins

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Custom Made Pumpkins

Custom carved permanent foam pumpkins. Great for your company logo or a portrait of you or your pet!

Please Note: I CAN NOT guarantee any orders placed after October 10th will be delivered before Halloween.

Simply provide me with a photograph or picture of your favorite pet, person, or logo and let me do the rest.



Contact me to place an order.



Send a picture for me to work from as an attachment to an email.


How much does it cost?

My rate is based on the estimated time it will take to carve, plus the cost of the foam pumpkin.
  • For a single image
    (logo, pet, or single person) - $197

  • For a double image
    (two people or complex designs) - $279

How much will shipping cost?

The cost of shipping is included in the above price for all US orders.

Cost of shipping for orders outside the US will vary depending on the country.

Do you accept Visa?

I will accept payment via money order, personal check, Visa, and MasterCard.

Can I see some of your custom work?

Yes! Here is some of my custom pumpkin carving work:
(Click picture for larger image)
This customer wanted their logo for the local zoo carved into a pumpkin. (The leaves on the trees were not easy to carve!)
Claire Burke wanted their logo carved into a foam pumpkin for a display to promote their new pumpkin fragrance.
The local Pizza Hut thought it would be fun during the fall and Halloween season to display a pumpkin with their logo carved in it.

How long will it take before I receive my pumpkin?

Please allow 10 business days after receipt of payment and picture to work from.

How long will my pumpkin last?

Your pumpkin will be carved out of a permanent foam pumpkin that will last year after year.

Is there a less expensive way to have a custom made pumpkin?

You can carve it yourself! Simply have me create a pattern for you, then order a permanent foam pumpkin from the following website: www.funkins.com

Can I sell the pattern or artwork that you create for me to others?

You are free to sell or do whatever you want to with the carved pumpkin once you receive it. However, for all patterns or artwork I create you agree to the following terms:
"I understand that I have commissioned Jay Ball to create this pattern or artwork for my own personal (non-commercial) use. I further understand that all rights, title and interest to this pattern or artwork belong to Jay Ball and that Jay Ball may use this pattern or artwork at his discretion in electronic or printed format."