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Disney Villains

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Disney Villains

What better way to celebrate “Once Upon A Vine” stories at Halloween time than with Disney Villains! I started with my favorite Villains, and then kept adding more. We ended up with almost 20 pumpkins of Villains. This year I had 3 other pumpkin carvers helping me with the display. Special thank you to Sandy, Loy, and Jeff for helping with the pumpkin carving this year!

Snow White Queen pumpkin

Queen from Snow White

Disney Maleficent pumpkin
Fantasia Chernabog pumpkin
Shan Yu from Mulan pumpkin
from Sleeping Beauty

from Fantasia

from Mulan

Hades from Hercules pumpkin
Hades and Hercules pumpkin
Aladin's Jafar pumpkin
from Hercules

Hercules and Hades
from Hercules

from Aladin

Scar from Lion King pumpkin
Shere Khan from Jungle Book pumpkin
Capitan Hook from Peter Pan pumpkin
from Lion King

Shere Khan
from The Jungle Book

Capitan Hook
from Peter Pan

Capitan Hook and Peter Pan pumpkin
Black Cauldron's Horned King pumpkin
Hopper from Bug's Life pumpkin
Peter Pan & Capitan Hook
from Peter Pan

The Horned King
from The Black Cauldron

from A Bug's Life

Snow White Queen as Witch pumpkin
Frollo from Huntchback of Noter Dame pumpkin
Ratigan from Great Mouse Detective pumpkin
Wicked Queen as Witch
from Snow White

from Huntchback of Noter Dame

from The Great Mouse Detective

Prince John & Sir Hiss from Robin Hood pumpkin

Prince John & Sir Hiss
from Robin Hood