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TV Commercials

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Favorite TV Commercials

Do these people really need any more publicity? Havenít we seen enough of Geicoís Gecko or Captain Crunch?


But California Raisin and Check E. Cheese sure made fun pumpkin carvings. And carving the Matag repairman and the old style Lucky Charms Leprechaun out of a pumpkin did bring back memories of earlier days.

In the end, we had a good time and it turned out to be a fun display. Thatís what itís all about, right? 

Chuck E. Cheese carved pumpkin
Chuck E. Cheese

Budweiser Frogs carved pumpkin California Raisin carved pumpkin Captain Crunch carved pumpkin Geico Gecko carved pumpkin Keebler Elf carved pumpkin
Budweiser Frogs
California Raisin
Captain Crunch
Geico Gecko
Keebler Elf
Lucky Charms Leprechaun carved pumpkin Matag Man carved pumpkin M&Ms carved pumpkin Avoid Noid carved pumpkin Pizza Hut carved pumpkin
Lucky Charms Leprechaun
Matag Repairman
Avoid the Noid
Pizza Hut Logo

Favorite Commercials pumpkin display
Entire Display