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"Itís not about graphics, copy, or the Web - ... Itís about bringing art to marketing."

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I take a systematic approach
to the creative process.

Phase One:  Discovery

Many can listen. My job is to understand. One cannot prescribe until the issue is properly diagnosed. I start with a period of asking questions and absorbing the answers: your goals, your customers, your market, your budget.

Phase Two:  The Planning Stage

Now that I understand you, I want to develop an approach that will effectively communicate your purpose while staying within your budget. This is a process of smoking out the issues by asking:
ē What do you want to achieve,
ē What do you want to avoid,
- and -
ē What do you want to preserve
in your approach.
Rather than throwing design at the problem, I want to develop strategy that begins with the end in mind.

Phase Three:  Insight

With the plan in place, my next move is not to move. I must first explore untapped territory, radiate ideas, move outside the box. Through the resources of both research and experience I must seek for the inspiration that turns advertising into genius. Itís not about graphics, copy, or the Web - Itís about pulling that unexpected something out of thin air that compels your audience to act. Itís about bringing art to marketing.

Phase Four:  Presentation

This is where you see results. This is where the plan becomes reality. Our ideas are communicated with structure and purpose. Here is where you see the outcome of experience and creativity.

Phase Five:  Production

Here the rubber meets the road. I employ all the resources at my disposal to focus on your target and ensure your deadline is met.

Phase Six:  Evaluation

Evaluation seeks the truth of the campaign. Nothing is sugar coated. Did I hit the target? Was the plan successful? In whole or in part? Which parts? How can I improve? This is a stage of troubleshooting and feedback. It is my mission to continue to grow and improve. There is no standing still or ďarrivingĒ in a market where creativity and inspiration are the tools of the trade.