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Are you prepared to profit from your advertising?

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Advertising, to be effective, must capture the attention of its intended audience and promise to satisfy a need. It also helps if it appears that the product or service is unique in its field, almost as if there were no competition. This is achieved through what is called "positioning". You must find a void or hole in the market, and then posture your product or service as filling that void. This is not always possible in saturated markets, so other tactics are used. Of course all strategies must be considered with each venture as we measure your goals, your customer, your market, your budget.
"The local print shop on the corner will take the information I give them and get it all printed up for me in record time. Why should I have it done anywhere else?"

Although there are always exceptions, local print shops tend to focus on production more than the effectiveness of the campaign. Also consider the opportunity cost of designing it yourself.


  • $60/hour for design and layout

  • Final pricing depends on numerous factors (complexity, quantity, color, bleeds, etc.)

    Contact me for a quote on your specific project.