LDS Patterns


Be Peculiar this Halloween

Carve what you feel, display what you believe.

Note: This book has been discontinued. Click here to download patterns individually.


"Who doesn't love the fall?
      With all the colors...
               ...the brisk air,
                        ...falling leaves, 

...and Pumpkins!

"Halloween time for me when I was young was never a popular holiday in the Ball household. Halloween's history, its origin, the act of tricking or treating, dressing up in all kinds of devilish costumes, bad pranks and distasteful jokes, all represented the opposite of what we stood for - purity, goodness, etc. We called it the devil's holiday, and we never saw any reason to celebrate that. 

"Of course, Halloween is still made up of all that, but in the eyes of an innocent child, Halloween time can be a good excuse to get together as a family and enjoy a fun time together. 

"Today in the Ball household, Halloween is a time to let our creative juices flow. We design our own pumpkin patterns and have fun carving pumpkins and displaying our work to friends, neighbors, and other passers by. 

"I put the LDS Pumpkin Patterns book together for those who want to use Halloween for an opportunity (or excuse?) to carve something different this Halloween: something uplifting, something fun, something inspiring. I filled the book with patterns that represent what we stand for. I hope you enjoy my collection of patterns."
Jay Ball - From the book LDS Pumpkin Patterns, page 1.

Happy carving and let your lanterns shine!

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