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Magic of Animation

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Magic of Animation Pumpkin Carvings

For me, some of the funnest pumpkins to carve are simple cartoons.

This year’s Pumpkin Walk theme, “The Magic of Animation”, gave us the perfect excuse to pull out some of the old patterns we enjoyed carving from previous year’s Pumpkin Walks.

My personal favorites were Road Runner and Wile Coyote riding a rocket. But Shrek and Nemo sure turned out awesome too. And Prince John and Sir Hiss were a hit as well.

Which ones do you like best? 

Sorcerer's Apprentice carved pumpkin
Sorcerer Apprentice

Wile Coyote carved pumpkin Road Runner carved pumpkin Little Nemo carved pumpkin Prince John & Sir Hiss carved pumpkin Shrek carved pumpkin
Wile Coyote
Road Runner
Little Nemo
Prince John & Sir Hiss
Lucky Simba Lion King carved pumpkin Sleeping Beauty carved pumpkin Sleeping Beauty Dragon carved pumpkin
Simba Lion King
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Dragon