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Pumpkin Tools

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Pumpkin Carving Tools
Part 2:

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WARNING - don't try this at home!

Actually, don't try this INSIDE the home. The tool I'm going to introduce to you today you may want to use outside because it's going to get messy.

Introducing, the Dremel. There may be other brands that do the same thing, I haven't compared them. The Dremel is what I use.

When (and why) would I use a power tool to carve a pumpkin?

I use a dremel when I want to quickly remove the skin from areas that I do not want to be cut all the way thru (what I call "sculpting").

Normally, if it's just a small area that needs sculpted, I will just use hand tools for the job. I will pull out the Dremel when there are large areas that need to be sculpted.

More importantly, the Dremel is an indispensable tool when carving the foam or fake pumpkins that can be purchased at many craft stores during the Halloween season.

Together with the Dremel itself, here are the various accessories (purchased separately) that I have found make using the Dremel much easier.


Extension. This is an extended flexible shaft that gives you more control in working with detailed areas because you are holding a much smaller tool than the full dremel itself.

Speed chuck. I couldn't live without this one. It makes changing bits fast and easy without having to use a wrench.



Bits. Shown here are the tips I use most. The first two pictures are bits I use when working with real pumpkins and watermelons. The last three pictures are of bits I use when working with foam (fake) pumpkins.

Finally, don't forget the goggles. If you value your eyesight you will want to get a pair of these. (Even if you don't value your eyesight, these come in quite handy for being able to see what your doing amid all the flying debris). I use the cheap kind because I don't mind if I look a little dorky while I'm working.

If you're working with foam pumpkins, you will want to also wear a dust mask. I know a pumpkin carver who actually uses a full blown respirator when carving foam pumpkins. Remember, whatever your hobby is, it's just not as much fun if you get hurt doing it, so always be safe.

Here is an example of a foam pumpkin I carved using the dremel power tool.

In addition to power tools, remember, just use anything that you and your imagination can get ahold of to get the job done.

Happy Carving!
Jay Ball