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Preserving Wilting Pumpkins

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Wilting Woes:

Perplexed? Is your perfect pretty pumpkin appearing poor and penitent?
Preserve and perk up your parched pumpkin with these cool tips.

I'm often asked how to keep my carved masterpiece looking fresh. Here's what's worked for me. I take the wilting gourd and soak it in a tub of water for about an hour or more.

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Here's some before and after pictures.


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After 2 hours:

(click for larger image)

Soaking in water works well as you can see, but also keep in mind you want to keep mold from forming on the pumpkin, and keeping it wet can attract mold forming bacteria. So I put disinfectant and/or chlorine bleach in the water to help kill any germs and bacteria.

Other things to try

Tom Nardone, of ExtreamePumpkins.com, writes:

"I spray the crap out of the pumpkin with WD-40. It seems like it is similar to Vaseline. Petroleum right? It is clear and I already have a can of it. Best of all, it works.

Actually, I don't even use name brand WD-40, I use the dollar store variety. I especially like the name "Spra Loos". That is a sweet name.

People keep writing me and asking if this really works and/or if it is dangerous. The answer is yes it does really work. You spray the entire pumpkin inside and out and it will prevent rotting for a while. Keep in mind that a pumpkin will usually start to rot in about 3 days of cool (70 degree) weather and less in hot weather so don't carve those pumpkins too early.

Also, some folks seem to think that WD40 will combust violently when they put a tealight candle in the pumpkin. To them I say nope! The oil in WD40 is flammable indeed but it really will only combust when it is vaporized. Once it is on the surface of the pumpkin it won't light. Trust me, I've tried to light a pumpkin on fire in a number of ways. Just don't spray the WD40 on the pumpkin while the candle is burning."

Use this technique at your own risk. :-)

Pumpkin Fresh

I've never tried it, but Pumpkin Fresh is a commercial product that has proven to work with great success. Check it out here:


Have a creative day!

Jay Ball