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Jay's Top 10

Although the North Logan Pumpkin Walk has been around for 20 years, I've only been a part of it for 9 years. With the theme of The Best of 20 Years, I decided to choose my favorite pumpkins from the previous 8 pumpkin walks.

Last Supper - 1997,
The Meridian of Time

Nativity - 1997,
The Meridian of Time
American Eagle with Flag - 2001,
I Love America
George Washington Praying at Vally Forge - 2001
I Love America
Phanthom of the Opera - 1998
Fred Gwynne as Herman from The Munsters - 1999,
Blast from TV Past
Calvin Hobbs Hug - 2000,
Calvin and Hobbs
Wild Thing - 1996,
Where the Wild Things Are
Bilbo Baggins with Staff - 2002,
The Hobbit
Simba - 1994,