Watermelon Carving Preserving

Watermelon Carving Preserving

On page 7 of my book, You Too Can Create STUNNING Watermelon Carvings, I talk about the nature of “Temporary Art”:

My object in creating a beautifully carved watermelon is to create a special memorable moment. I like it when people not only enjoy my art, but remember it for a long time.

One great thing about ephemeral art (that means art that is shortlived or fleeting), is that it supports living in harmony with nature. Seasons change, leaves turn color, flowers bloom and wither. Life is always in a state of transition. Like Japanese sand and rock gardens, sand painting, ice sculpting, or sidewalk paintings, the art is on display only for a fleeting moment in time.

On a more practical note, watermelons are biodegradable. You don’t have to store them in your closet all year only to bring them out once for a short holiday season. It’s sort of like disposable dishes. When you’re done with them, you just throw them away.

With all that in mind, you will still want to make your carved watermelon last as long as you can. Even though you know it’s temporary, in this video I show tips on how preserve and make your watermelon carving last.

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