Wedding Watermelon Carving

What does a professional pumpkin carver and pattern designer create for his own daughter’s wedding?

If you are thinking of something exotic and complex, well, you’d probably be right for most pumpkin carvers. In my case, it was actually quite simple. All she wanted was a butterfly.

In the end, I was grateful for the simple request. With all the other things going the day before (and day of) the wedding, carving a complex watermelon would only have been more stressful (though I would have happily obliged).

butterfly watermelon carving

watermelon carving of butterfly

You can download this watermelon carving pattern here (you will have to scroll all the way down), under my special occasion patterns.

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3 Comments to “Wedding Watermelon Carving”

#1 Posted by marcsolomon (17.10.11 at 13:20 )

A good friend of my family asked us to create a wedding pumpkin for her wedding. Her fiance and her dressed up as Shrek and Fiona one year for Halloween and those names became their nicknames. So I found a wedding picture of Shrek and Fiona, had my daughter (an expert with photoshop) superimpose the couples pictures onto the characters and convert it to a pattern. Here is a mockup of the pumpkin: ( I wish I had taken a picture of the final pumpkin. It had come out better than the mockup, by far.

#2 Posted by Jay (17.10.11 at 21:15 )

That looks like a very fun and creative mockup. I love it!

#3 Posted by Selena (18.10.11 at 05:52 )

Nice butterfly! I love your simple design. Thanks for sharing it