Do you have a pumpkin pattern of… ?

Looking for a particular pumpkin pattern that you don’t see on my site? Is your child a fan of Spiderman or just loves Scooby Doo? Perhaps you want a pattern of your favorite character in the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Say you have the perfect idea for an amazing pumpkin carving for the Halloween party this weekend. If only you could get a hold of that special pattern…

Here are some options for you:

You can design the pattern yourself. From my links page I link to several sites that give detailed instructions for creating patterns (look under section titled “How to create pumpkin patterns”):

You could have a skilled pattern creator like me design it for you for a fee:

What if you’re short on cash, talent, ambition or time, and the above two options just won’t work for you? You could Google it and see what comes up. Personally I like to use the following two resources.
and / or

These two pumpkin carving sites have a forum with a section on “Pattern Requests”. Chances are the pattern you’re looking for already exists.  By making your request on one of these forums you’re almost guaranteed to get a response.

Happy Carving!

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