Where are 2010 Pumpkin Patterns?

I made this comment on one of my posts, but I’ll make an official blog entry about it here because I keep getting asked about new pumpkin patterns for 2010.

Every year I create new pumpkin patterns for our local “North Logan Pumpkin Walk” event, and I feature these patterns on PumpkinGlow.com.

This year’s pumpkin walk theme is on animations.
I had planned on creating a set of patterns on one of my favorite animations (I have several favorites), but this year has been…
well, let’s just say “eventful”.

Fortunately, I have quite a library of cartoon patterns from previous years, so I will be choosing a selection from these for our Pumpkin Walk event this year.

Unfortunately, I have removed these patterns from my site since they would be considered copyright violations on my site. 🙁

I plan on adding patterns if I can this year, and I certainly plan on continuing to add more each year. But this year I have had to put other priorities first (like family and work).

Thank you for your interest in my site and my patterns and for your compliments.

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One Comment to “Where are 2010 Pumpkin Patterns?”

#1 Posted by Pumpkin Pattern Patrol (21.10.10 at 22:20 )

I’m always looking for free templates this time of year. It seems like there is never enough to choose from no matter how many I look at.