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Cartoon's Favorite Things

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Cartoon's Favorite Things Pumpkin Carvings

Back by popular demand. This year we featured cartoon pumpkin carvings (yes, again). However, this time we had an entire new selection of pumpkin carving patterns. Our theme was “Cartoon’s Favorite Things”, so I featured pumpkin carvings of cartoons with their favorite things. Only after stepping back and taking a look at the scene did we notice that almost all of them were cartoons eating something. Dagwood with his favorite sandwich, Garfield with Pizza, and Goku just eating (doesn’t matter what). Of course we had to have Popeye with spinach and Winnie the Poo with honey, and my favotie, Bugs Bunny eating a carrot.

Bugs Bunny carved pumpkin
Bugs Bunny

Tom & Jerry carved pumpkin Tom & Jerry carved pumpkin Calvin & Hobbes carved pumpkin Charlie Brown carved pumpkin Snoopy Flying Ace pumpkin
Tom & Jerry Mouse
Tom & Jerry Cat
Calvin & Hobbes Golfing
Charlie Brown
Snoopy Flying Ace
Homer Simpson carved pumpkin Dagwood Sandwich carved pumpkin Garfield carved pumpkin Goku carved pumpkin Popeye Sailor carved pumpkin
Homer Simpson
Dagwood's Sandwich
Garfield with Pizza
Goku Eating
Popeye with Spinach

Wallace from Wallace & Gromit carved pumpkin Winnie the Poo carved pumpkin Yogi Bear carved pumpkin
Wallace from
Wallace & Gromit
Winnie the Poo
with Honey
Yogi the Bear
with Picnic Basket

Pumpkin display carved pumpkins Pumpkin scene carved pumpkins
2011 Carved Pumpkins Display
2011 Carved Pumpkin Scene