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Smithfield, Utah

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About Jay Ball

Pumpkin Carving Picasso

Jay Ball has been carving creative pumpkins and melons for over 13 years. Although a variety of creative patterns has always been available on the market, Jay prefers to make his own unique designs. His most notable work have been displayed at the annual North Logan Pumpkin Walk (see below) for the last 6 years. His work has been featured on several occasions in the local news. He continues to enjoy creating his own unique patterns and the fine art of pumpkin and melon carving.

About the North Logan Pumpkin Walk

The North Logan Pumpkin Walk is an event which takes place in North Logan, Utah, every year during Halloween time. Volunteers get together and create booths featuring a display centered around a common theme, all made from pumpkins and other vegetables. The Pumpkin Walk was started 15 years ago by Ida and Wally Beutler as an activity for neighborhood kids. The first year around 100 kids came, and by the second year, word had spread so quickly that the Beutlers had more than 1,000 guests. After a while, running it got to be too much for the Beutlers, and the city asked if they could take it over. Currently the event averages attendance of 40,000 to 60,000, depending on the weather. "We're able to provide a fun place for families to go at no cost during Halloween and encourage wholesome creativity and fun during what otherwise might be considered a satanic holiday." said Mary Ellen McKenna, chairwoman for the event, in an interview with a local news reporter.
There is no charge to walk through the displays and McKenna said they want to keep it that way. All of their help comes from volunteer labor. The Pumpkin Walk committee usually grows about 2,000 to 3,000 pumpkins to be used for the event. Four hundred to six hundred of these pumpkins are carved, lit with candles, and placed along the pathways on straw bales between the booths. The rest are used in the scenes and various other places. In past Pumpkin Walks, pumpkins have been used for a cow's head and udder, a dragon's bumpy stomach, a cat's body, and much more. Pumpkins are cut in half to make pig's snouts, and squash has been used for human legs. Many pumpkins have been painted with faces and other pictures. The possibilities are endless when people use their imaginations.

See www.pumpkinwalk.com for more information on North Logan's Pumpkin Walk.

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