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Pumpkin Art Gallery

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Pumpkin Art Gallery

Featured here are pumpkins which have been displayed at previous years North Logan Pumpkin Walk. Each year the Pumpkin Walk committee chooses an overall theme, then volunteers create displays centered around the general theme.

Most Popular Scenes

Portrait of Martin Luther carved pumpkin
Pumpkin Walk 2017 Theme:
It's About Time
Jay's display: Commemorating 500th Anniversary of Christian Reformation
Rosie the Riveter carved pumpkin
Pumpkin Walk 2016 Theme:
American Icons
Jay's display: American Icons in Pumpkins
Robin Williams as Geni carved pumpkin
Pumpkin Walk 2014 Theme:
It's a Classic
Jay's display: Robin Williams Classics
Admiral Ackbar carved pumpkin
Pumpkin Walk 2013 Theme:
A Walk to Remember
Jay's display: Remembering Star Wars
Bugs Bunny carved pumpkin
Pumpkin Walk 2011 Theme:
My Favorite Things
Jay's display: Cartoon's Favorite Things
Pumpkin Walk 2005 Theme:
Comedy Central
Jay's display: Comedians
Pumpkin Walk 2004 Theme:
Once Upon a Vine
Jay's display: Disney Villains
Pumpkin Walk 2001 Theme:
Go for the Orange (patriotic themes)
Jay's display: I Love America
Pumpkin Walk 2000 Theme:
See You in the Funnies (favorite comic strips)
Jay's display: Calvin and Hobbs
Pumpkin Walk 1999 Theme:
Blast from TV Past
Jay's display: Various TV Personalities
Pumpkin Walk 1997 Theme:
Somewhere in Pumpkin Time
Jay's display: The Meridian of Time
This display featured pumpkins all centered around the life of Christ. Several of these patterns have been modified (simplified) and are included under the Religious Patterns category.

More Scenes