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Other Items of Interest to Pumpkin Carvers

How to Create Masterpieces From Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Tools:

  • Pumpkin Masters tools can be purchased from Yankee Harvest.
  • The Pumpkin Wizard offers his own set of carving tools.
  • The Pumpkin Gutter. Once you use this handy little tool you'll be hooked. Finally, a quick and easy way to remove pumpkin seeds and strings. This will quickly become an indespensible tool in your pumpkin carving toolchest.

Preserve Your Artwork

  • Fun-kins. Don't want your pumpkin to wilt away? Fun-kins carve like a real pumpkin without the mess. Don't spend hours carving a real pumpkin only to have it decay in just a few days! Get a Fun-Kins pumpkin that lasts forever!
  • Pumpkin Fresh. Spray-On Pumpkin Preservative. Check out how it works, you'll be impressed.

Other Cool Pumpkin Carving Pattern Sites:

  • Organe and Black Pumpkins is a fantastic pumpkin pattern resource full of creative and easy to carve designs. These patterns are very good quality. I highly reccomend.
  • Pumpkin Jack Carving shows some creative talent and gives some great tips for growing your own pumpkins.
  • The Pumpkin Wizard has one of the best varieties of patterns available for advanced carvers.
  • Masterpiece Pumpkins is a great resource for pumpkin carvers.
  • Halloween Pumpkins very nice site, well organized with a selection of great patterns.
  • Check out the newest cool pumpkin carving site on the net.
    Jammin Pumpkins.com is one pattern site you will not want to miss.
  • Another impressive pattern site. Ryan Wickstrand from ZombiePumpkins.com has a created some awsome, yet simple to carve patterns. My hat is off to the quality of his patterns and his site!
  • StOney has a great selection of pumpkin patterns. A lot of advanced patterns here, but worth the effort. Check it out at Stoneykins.com
  • Better Homes and Gardens. Carve a spooky scene with creative ideas and stencils. Features in pumpkin carving include: Animals, assorted ideas, carving basics, creative ideas, decorative pumpkins, faces, letters, pumpkin creatures, pumpkin stencils, pumpkin towers, as well as scary and funny faces.
  • Pumpkin Craze Is another new pumpkin carving site offering advanced style patterns, and some simple patterns as well that kids will enjoy carving.
  • CostumeSuperCenter.com has a great resource page for pumpkin carvers giving links from History of Jack-O-Lanterns, to how to select pumpkins, to carving pumpkins.

How to create pumpkin patterns

  • Walt has a great page with detailed instructions on creating a pumpkin pattern.
  • The Pumpkin Wizard also has a great page with detailed instructions on creating pumpkin patterns.

Vegetable and Fruit Carving

  • How about a more advanced style of fruit and vegetable carving? Siam Carving Academy in Bangkok (SCA) has been recognized worldwide as one of the best places to learn the culinary art of fruit & vegetable carving. Established by Master Carver Wan Hertz and Director Larry Hertz, SCA has developed a simplistic teaching method that makes it possible for students to learn how to carve elegant works of art in a short period of time. Learn more at www.siamcarvingacademy.com
  • PumpkinGutter.com    Scott Cummins has done some very impressive sculpting with pumpkins. This site is a "must see"!
  • Unlike pumpkins, watermelon requires no cooking and hardly any preperation before serving as a tasty treat. Find out about the many health benefits of watermelon at Watermelon.org.