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Pumpkin Pattern Ideas

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Pumpkin Carving All Year Long?

Open up a whole NEW world of possibilities with your pumpkin carving skills. Discover the creative art of watermelon carving. Entertain family and guests in style with a STUNNING watermelon centerpiece at:

  • Summer Parties
  • Wedding Dinner Events
  • Luaus
  • Graduation Parties
  • Baptisms
  • Birthdays
  • Family Reunions
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza Parties

Announcing Jay's NEW book, "You Too Can Create STUNNING Watermelon Carvings". Includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions and over 30 patterns. Patterns range from easy to advanced and encompass most major occasions.

Soon you will be displaying a truly stunning work of art that will captivate spellbound audiences at major events, or simply using it as a centerpiece to add a touch of intimacy to your average dinner party.

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Temporary Pumpkin Art

One fascinating thing about ephemeral art (art that is short-lived or fleeting) is that it demands attention now, while it lasts. To me it's the carving and creating that is fun and enjoyable. I prefer to keep my life as simple as possible. Accumulating and storing things just adds more complexity. Life is more about the moments and memories than stuff. I like that I can carve and create a masterpiece that is enjoyed and appreciated in the moment, then, after it has filled the measure of it's creation, it can be happily discarded.

Carving Pumpkins Patterns

It's not just the art of carving that I enjoy, but the art of creating the pattern. Although the carved pumpkin or watermelon is temporary, the patterns I create are quite permanent and can be shared and used over and over. Carving pumpkins patterns are great for Halloween, but when I discovered that the patterns can be used for watermelons I was excited that I could extend my new-found hobby beyond October and delight others throughout the year.

Difference With Watermelons

Watermelons make great centerpiece displays for special occasions or even for adding a touch of class to a family picnic or party. Take the time to scoop out the watermelon with a parisian scoop (also called a melon baller) and serve the watermelon alongside the display. Carving pumpkins patterns into pumpkins is not much different than carving into a watermelon, but I have discovered some pleasant differences. Watermelons have a dark skin with a very light colored rind just under the skin. This contrast can make for a perfect display without having to be lit like a pumpkin would have to be in order to appreciate the artwork. With watermelons it can be more difficult to see the pattern when transferring it by poking holes and you may need to pounce white flour over the design to get them to show up better. In my book, You Too Can Create STUNNING Watermelon Carvings I give 3 different ways you can transfer patterns onto watermelons (or pumpkins) as well as many other tips from how to choose the right melon to what tools work best for carving.